Sock It to Playtime

baby in a basket
Photo by BrettMommy08
Sitting around playing with baby all day would be nice, but for most of us there are also chores that have to be done to keep our homes running. So whenever I can, I try to make my chores into a fun activity for my baby too.

One of our favorite "fun" chores is sorting and folding the socks. (My 20-year-old self would be so mortified that I just wrote that sentence, but hey, it's my life now.)


For a family who wears flip flops pretty much year round, we have an amazing amount of socks; sometimes almost an entire load of laundry will be made up of socks. So I gather them from my laundry station (aka the dining room table), dump them out in the middle of the floor and let my daughter go at them, burying herself in the soft cotton.

She likes to try and put them on her toes and her hands and her head, and we practice naming body parts as she does so. I toss and roll the sock balls to her and she ... tries to eat them.

I also have a basket of socks that have lost their mates (seriously, where do the other ones go?) that grows and grows ... Sometimes I'll pull this out and have her help me sort for matches. I show her the various colors, do little puppet shows, and usually come up with several matching pairs along the way.    

Simple and silly, but a fun time I look forward to when we're bored of our toys.

What ways do you combine work and play with your baby?


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