Babies on a Plane and Under the Knife: Best Reader Comments

baby surprise
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Things which you do not approve of: circumcision, Pampers, Celebrity Baby Food Diet.

Things which you do: Not washing your baby, breastfeeding in public, using a baby leash.

Enjoy the best in reader comments this week!


Sona expressed her fear of nursing in public in Baby's First Flight and Cafe Suzanne had some great advice for her:

"Sona - I do wish you luck -- everything will be fine! I often do the NY to Cal flight to see my in-laws so have had to deal with the time change and also the stressful public breastfeeding thing (I'm way modest too). When you're in your seat noone will notice a thing -- they're all too busy watching movies, snoozing, etc. I always chose a window seat for that reason so I could kind of be huddled in a corner."

I gave a shout-out to my MIL with her baby activity tip about the tupperware drawer and many of you loved this tip, with some variations, like Madeline's:

"We call ours "the baking drawer" and indeed it has been life changing. Plus, it keeps him from getting into the plastic baggie/parchment paper/aluminum foil drawer which costs a ton to fix after he's had but 30 seconds of manic toddler time with."

Michele alerted us to the problem some babies are having with the new Pampers -- severe diaper rash, ouch! PhilsBabyMama had this to say:

"No, we don't use disposables.  We used cloth diapers.  Part of our motivation to use cloth was the fact that there are so many funky chemicals in sposies. :(  I didn't want my kiddo sitting in toxic and carcinogenic chemicals for the first couple years of his life. 

This is really sad, but doesn't surprise me."

Julie confessed to only bathing her baby once a week and asked you what your baby bath schedule looked like. Katy's answer was region-specific:

"My 16 month old son gets a bath every night. We live in Texas and play outside everyday - between sunscreen, sweat, watermelon dripping down his clothes, dirt, and rolling around with the dogs, he needs one every night. And he loves baths too."

I wanted to yack when writing about the Celebrity Baby Food Diet and RanaAurora made an excellent point:

"Uh no.   That's idiotic.  Why not just eat the WHOLE versions of the same healthy foods in moderation?"

Michele alerted everyone to Sandra Bullock's baby's bris. You all had a lot to say on the subject. Cleanaturalady got the final word . . . for now:

"This is a touchy subject and truly none of anyone's business whether Sandra Bullock or Jane Smith decides to have her child circumcised.  I really hate all of the fighting about it.  You do what you want and I'll do what I want and too bad if we don't like each other's decisions."

This week in New Mom Secrets, a mom confessed to using a baby leash (or harness) even though a lot of people don't approve. Most of you said that was a-okay. Cartersmom said what I was thinking:

"I will admit it, before I had a baby I looked at moms that used leashes like they were strange.  Eventhough, I have not used a baby leash (and don't think i will, but who knows) just having a toddler has changed my perspective. 

If it works for you, go for it!"

Michele asked if any of you named your babies after a TV or movie character. My favorite response came from Pnukey:

"Our kids are named Meg and Ryan, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with Meg Ryan, who is one of my favorites. I swear. It's completely coincidental. Really."


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