Sandra Bullock's Nap Nanny: Louis Likes the Recline

nap nanny
Photo from Nap Nanny
Getting a baby to sleep can sometimes be a magic combination of things. And new mom Sandra Bullock seems to like the Nap Nanny -- judging by her photo shoot inside People magazine with Louis relaxing in one.

My babies fall asleep when I sing to them. And Penelope likes singing combined with me rubbing her arm.

Some babies love lying on an incline, and some need to lie this way to help with reflux, colic, or other special needs.

And as a mom of twins, I think this Nap Nanny will come in very handy.


It was created by a mom looking for the right wedge to safely hold her baby who didn't like to sleep flat. She tried to find something in stores but couldn't. Her husband said, "Why don't you stop talking about it and just make it?" So she did just that.

It can also keep baby secure when it's reading time or feeding time.

It's light, just three pounds, but it's not cheap -- $129.99. You can purchase one on the Nap Nanny site.

What do you think of the Nap Nanny?

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