New Pampers Investigation -- Diapers Burning Babies?

pampers dry max
Photo from Pampers
Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers recently introduced Dry Max, "the biggest diaper innovation in 25 years." It's a thinner and more absorbent diaper.

But the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has launched an investigation into Dry Max Pampers after some parents say their children developed diaper rashes and chemical burns after wearing the product.


Despite the fact that Pampers did extensive testing, there are parents who are saying that once the Dry Max diaper was introduced to their baby, that's when the rashes and burns began.

But a spokesperson for Pampers said, "It's one severe rash complaint for every six million diaper changes."

This news and the recent Tylenol recall make me really nervous. I had a Infant Tylenol for my twins, but never used it, and we did use Pampers, but recently switched to a less expensive brand.

If your baby has been affected by Pampers Dry Max, you can report it on the CPSC website.

Do you use Pampers? Has there been an increase in diapers rashes or any signs of burns on your baby?

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