Homemade Fish Sticks for Baby

fish mobile
Flickr photo by misocrazy
The main reason I wind up giving my baby non-homemade food is there are tried and tested kid favorites on the grocer's shelves. Mac and cheese (although homemade is better, sometimes it's easier to just open the box) and fish sticks wind up on his high chair tray more often than I'd like.

So holy moley was I excited to see a recipe for those sticks that means I can tell Dr. Praeger to hold off on the house calls.


I just discovered NurtureBaby and it has a wealth of homemade baby and toddler foods. If you've got some tilapia and some panko breadcrumbs, you're ready to make your own healthier version of baby's favorite fish stick.

Like most of NurtureBaby's recipes, it's so easy to make, it won't make you longingly look toward your freezer after a long day.

I'll be heading back to this site often for inspiration, but first I've got some fish to (not) fry.

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