Great Tips When Visiting New Parents

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
This funny and smart list of 10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting New Parents from popped up in my Google Reader a few places (via Parenting and OhDeeDoh), and I've now read it through a few times.

I'm a huge advocate of helping out new parents as much as you can. It takes a village, I really believe that.

My favorite part of the list ...


"Bring food! The best gift for new parents is food. That’s prepared food period, whether purchased or homemade; new parents have little, if any, time to cook while occupied feeding, changing, nursing, walking and rocking the wailing li’l chim chim." 

Don't ever show up to visit a new baby empty-handed. Bring food! Bring diapers! Bring more food!

If you know anyone who has recently had a baby, don't stay away. Go visit and read this list before you do.

Do you have any tips of your own for someone visiting new parents?

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