The Celebrity Baby Food Diet

organic baby food diet
Flickr photo by tiffanywashko
Jennifer Aniston
is doing it. Apparently Lady Gaga did it, and one woman is getting famous for putting celebs on a baby food diet.

The Huffington Post is reporting that Jennifer Aniston has lost seven pounds so far on celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's answer to the liquid diet: Eat 14 servings of baby food during the day and have a "healthy adult meal" for dinner.

I'm gagging just thinking about downing liquid peas. Huh, maybe that's the trick.


The trainer says this takes away the bounce back you get when you go off a liquid diet; but I'm thinking who in the world is going to continue to eat 14 jars of baby food every day? Won't there be a bounce back from that as well? And not to mention -- gross. Just gross.

I've never even tasted my son's pureed fruits and veggies (although my husband swears a local restaurant uses baby food for garnish) because it skeeves me out so much. I'm more of a raw fruit and vegetable gal myself.

I also can't imagine not chewing my food. That's why we have teeth, right? And doesn't chewing burn a small amount of calories? I don't get it. But apparently many a celebrity does and pays this lady to tell them to do it.

Would you try the baby food diet?

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