Naked and Sniffling Babies: Baby Links I Love

Photo by TXCB2004
We had a sick day at our house, which makes me obsess about babies and the germs.

Exploring hygiene and haiku and opera, here are today's baby links I love:


They're taking babies to the opera in the UK. The author of this piece for the Times Online asks if this is just another way to empty your wallet as you strive for Alpha-Mum status. But another mom in the piece expresses the real reason behind taking baby to the opera, "To be honest, I'll go to anything. Just to break up the routine."

As my son heads to the doctor, the MakeShift Revolution's ode to croup, in the form of a haiku, is stuck in my head.

Still on the sick baby thing, The Faster Times breaks down all kinds of snuffly breathing in babies and whether you should rush to the doctor, or sit back and enjoy the cuteness.

How do you feel about family nudity? Lil Sugar is starting a discussion, and there are cute photos to boot. (Not of anyone's nude family -- babies, people, babies.)


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