Burning the Baby Weight: The Nike + Sensor Workout Tool

iPod Touch; Apple Store
I think we could all agree that if post-baby working out wasn't so much work, it would be called something else. Something that sounded easy. Maybe even something chocolatey ... where was I?

Right! Working out! Maybe you've read about my quest to drop my last few (or ten) pounds of baby weight. One of the weapons I'm using to stay on track while I push through my power walks is the Nike + tool that works with the iPod or iPhone. I dare say it makes working out almost fun. (Almost!) 


I love listening to music all of the time, but especially when I'm out walking. It makes such a difference in my energy level and it makes it feel less like a chore. The Nike + tool comes as an app on the new iPhone 3Gs or it can be purchased as a sensor that slips into your shoe and talks to your iPod. While you listen to music on your workout, it tracks all of your hard earned miles (or kilometers) that you've run or walked and stores that information for you.

You can use this to measure your workout by time, distance or a determined amount of calories. A cheery voice will count down the miles in your headphones or tell you when you are half way to your goal. When you are done you can sync to nike.com and chart your goals, count your total calories burned and see every sweaty mile you have covered while lip-syncing to Lady Gaga. Am I the only one who does that? Never mind. I don't want to know.

What are my fellow music lovers listening to help burn the baby weight?




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