Sandra Bullock Gave Baby Jewish Circumcision Ceremony

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Photo from People
We all now know that Sandra Bullock adopted Louie Bardo from New Orleans. But did you know she had him circumcised in her home?

Bullock had to go to great lengths to keep the adoption a secret -- decoy cars were involved and no guests were allowed in her house unless they were in her inner circle.

Perhaps that's the reason why she had a Jewish circumcision ceremony for Louie even though she isn't Jewish?


The bris takes place when the male child is 8 days old and is performed by a mohel, a Jewish man trained to perform circumcisions.

“A friend of ours helped arrange for a bris at the house, because we couldn’t go [to a hospital for the procedure.]” Sandra tells People. “The mohel came to us.”

Sandra has called the ceremony one of the most beautiful moments in her life.

Did you have a bris in your home?

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