Pearl Carter Is Her Own Baby's Great-Grandmother

baby sign
Flickr photo by Frankie Roberto
And that's not even the weirdest part of this tale of the 72-year-old Indiana grandmother turned lover, turning ... mother.

They said it best at The Frisky: Gross. Weird. Blech.


Pearl Carter gave a baby girl up for adoption when she was 18 years old. Her baby daughter, Lynette, grew up and had a son named Phil. Lynette tragically died (but maybe not so tragic -- if she were alive, she'd be freaking out right now) of brain cancer and her son looked up his grandmother, Pearl. Got it?

Upon seeing Phil's picture, Pearl's reaction wasn't one of a typical Granny. She thought Phil was sexy. Apparently Phil returned the feelings because they soon became lovers and are now having a baby together, via a very nonjudgmental surrogate.

No word on how soon the baby is to arrive, and whether or not this whole thing is just a freaky publicity stunt.

What do you think; real or hoax?

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