Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady's Hands-On Parenting Style

Gisele Tom Brady baby
Photo by Splash News
I love Gisele. Now.

When she first got together with Tom Brady on the heels of his breakup with a pregnant Bridget Moynahan, Gisele wasn't on the top of my favorite Victoria's Secret model list (or any list, really ... okay, maybe long leg list and the "I want her hair" list).

But now that all of the ex stuff has settled and Gisele, the home birther, is not only stepmom to John, but mother to Benjamin, she's back on my good side.

And after seeing her on a recent outing at a Santa Monica park, I'm loving her even more.


Gisele's a baby-wearer. Five-month-old Benjamin is seen here, snuggled up to his mom, while big brother John, who will be 3 in August, is playing in the park. Tom Brady sure is handsome, isn't he?

It makes me feel that Gisele is just like me. Me if I had a lot of money and an amazing body that bounced right back after pregnancy. But also the me who wears my baby and goes to the park with my husband (who wears the other baby) and doesn't have a nanny on hand to push the stroller because my nails are wet. (Note: I do have a nanny, but she's there when I have to go to work.)

I fantasize that the Bradys stopped at a green grocer on the way home, bought some fresh corn and tomatoes, and whipped up a locally produced dinner that night. Maybe John even helped his dad change Benjamin's diaper.

Do you find that you relate more to celebrities after they've had children?

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