Baby's First Year: Week 23 (Teething, New Solids & New Toys!)

baby doorway jumper
Photo by starburst1680
Meet first-time mom starburst1680. She's sharing the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all the emotion and exhaustion -- right up to Kathryn Grace's first birthday.

Week 23:

For the majority of this week, Kathryn has definitely been teething. There was a day or two a few weeks ago that I suspected she was, but this week I'm sure she is. She has this new sound she makes, kind of like a whimper with her mouth closed, so it comes out "mmm mmm."


That's how I know her teeth are bothering her. Sometimes the teething tablets or drops work, but usually we have to keep on top of the Orajel. Kathryn still doesn't like the taste, but she's getting used to it, and the Orajel really helps her feel better most of the time.

For a few days, we were also giving her the occasional dose of Tylenol when the discomfort got really bad, but now that it's been recalled along with the Motrin we had, we're not giving her any more of that.

Yesterday she seemed to have a better day, but today they're back to bothering her again. At least she isn't having any trouble sleeping at night because of her teeth!

New on Kathryn's menu this week was sweet peas and oatmeal. The first few bites of sweet peas she wasn't too sure about. Once she got used to them and their texture, she was fine with them. They aren't one of her favorite foods, but she likes them more than green beans. Then we added oatmeal a few days later. She didn't really like it until I added some bananas to it. Now she loves it. I'm not a big fan of plain oatmeal either, so I don't blame her for wanting some other flavor added to it :-).

I've noticed a change in Kathryn's appetite the past few days. She hasn't been wanting to drink as much formula as she used to. It might have to do with teething, like maybe the nipple rubs on her gums or her tongue rubs on her gums when she's drinking or something. I'm pretty sure she still gets enough over a 24-hour period, and if it's from teething, it should be temporary, so I'm not worried. To go along with this though, she's been eating larger servings of solid food. Yesterday for her dinner meal she ate a whole 1st Foods container of food! Maybe it's because eating solid food feels better on her gums, or maybe it's just because she's growing. Maybe drinking less formula has to do with eating more solid food, not with teething -- I'm not sure.

Also new this week was Kathryn's first time in the doorway jumper. My parents got one at a garage sale a while ago, and we just thought to try it yesterday. Kathryn absolutely loved it! She figured out how to turn and jump really quickly. Kathryn had fun in it and enjoyed having the ability to control her own movement, and we all enjoyed watching her and laughing at some of her reactions. I guess we'll have to get one to have at home too.

(We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about parenting choices to yourself.)

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