10 Simple Tips for a Germ-Free Nursery

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
Keeping the nursery clean is tougher than I thought it'd be. Babies can be dirty, no way around it!

Sometimes a list of tips and tricks is just what new moms need. Like this list from Dr. Benjamin Tanner:


1. Identify the germ hot spots, such as the changing table, laundry basket, toy chest, and floor.

2. Learn the difference between cleaners and disinfectants, as the former won't kill germs like the latter will.

3. Keep cleaning products in a set place, always away from children.

4. Contain messes and germs when changing dirty diapers. Avoid touching waste and dispose of diapers quickly in a contained place (a Diaper Genie or closed trash can).

5. Keep antibacterial sanitizer or soap and water close by and use it often.

6. Keep bottles away from germ hot spots (such as the changing table) and only touch bottles with clean hands.

7. Keep a special hamper just for soiled clothes.

8. Clean the nursery, especially germ hot spots, when your baby has been sick to minimize the spread of sick germs.

9. When parents or other people who are sick come in and out of the home, try and keep those germs out of the nursery as much as possible.

10. Try to keep pets out of the nursery.

Do you have any nursery-cleaning tips?

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