Babies Growing Up Fast and No More Circumcision in Sweden: Baby Links I Love

 baby newborn
Photo by LelalandsMommy

I've been burning up the baby blogs this weekend. Here's what's worth a click (or five!):


Sweden is putting a stop to routine circumcisions in baby boys. Fascinating reasoning, and not at all what I expected. Find out what those wacky Swedes are up to at Strollerderby.

Parenting expert Alice Kaltman tells us new parents to put down our cell phones and BlackBerries over at A Child Grows in Brooklyn. I have to give her a big "Amen!" With a dash of, ugh, what about those of us who have to combine work/home life? There's no easy answer, but I'll try harder to turn off the tech when hanging with my baby.

Finslippy directed me to her Redbook column about children growing up too fast. I clicked on this immediately following an incident where my 1-year-old learned how to say "book" and I sobbed that my baby was going to leave me for graduate school soon. Needless to say, there was more crying while reading her hilarious and touching look at baby stages.

Since my boy likes to climb, we've started the discussion about the big boy bed. I know, already! Parent Hacks has an awesome suggestion for your big boy bed, and it involves a changing table pad. Nice one!

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