All Breastfeeding, All the Time: Best Reader Comments in Baby

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It was the breast vs. bottle posts that got everyone up in arms this week in Baby. Whether propping or stopping, you all had a lot to say. Here are the best reader comment picks:


I waffled back and forth about having our baby eat dinner with us, and you all had a lot of great examples of family dining, inspiring me to try it more often. And Ems629 echoed my reasons why not:

"DD is 21/2, and has dinner at 6:30 with Daddy while I begin adult dinner prep. She goes to sleep at eight/eight thirty, and then we eat. Just like you, we need adult time, even if we're vegging watching Antiques Roadshow, eating spicy chicken tacos."

Michele asked you if we really need nursing clothes. A lot of you, including Peajewel say, no.

"I always had a tough time making sure I lifted the correct flap and kept the correct flap down when I wore the three nursing tops I bought.  I only wore them a handful of times and hated them.  I found a button up shirt or many of my others worked so much better than any of the nursing tops."

I said it was okay to stop breastfeeding, a lot of you said it wasn't. Michele offered a measured response:

"I agree with a lot of what Natalie said. Breast is best ... but if a mom is sick or cannot breastfeed for medical reasons, then in that case, breast is not best, of course. But if a mom can breastfeed, it is best for the baby.

"Our society was brainwashed in the '60s when women were told breast isn't best, and formula was. The formula business thrived and mothers didn't breastfeed. Thankfully we've returned to the breast is best thought and of course there are exceptions. Just like with everything. But we cannot deny the positive implications breastfeeding has on children and their health. And the incredible bonding it fosters between mother and child. Women need to know this. Each woman can decide if she wants to breastfeed or not, but the facts should be known so she can make an informed decision."

This week's New Mom Secret struck a nerve when she confessed to propping a bottle. After all the back-and-forth, athenex3 had this to say:

"Wow I love how supportive and non-judgemental the moms are, lol ...

"I've done it, not often, but I've done it, I don't recommend it -- it really isn't safe or an ideal way to feed the child -- sadly the sanctimommies are right on this one -- vacuum or do the dishes once he's playing or napping."

Do you have anything else to say on these topics?

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