Mark McGrath Welcomes Twins!

Mark McGrath sugar ray
Photo from Sugar Ray
Mark McGrath isn't only great at Celebrity Jeopardy! but he's great at making babies.

I say this as a twin mom -- he and his fiancee, Carin Kingsland, made twins!

Boy/girl twins, just like mine. And they were born on April 29.


Lydon Edward weighed 5 lb. 7 oz. and sister Hartley Grace weighed 4 lb. 8 oz.

Aww ... littles! Lydon weighed more than my twins, but Hartley was about the same weight as them.

"We are so lucky," he told People. "I don't think you can prepare for the love we are feeling."

He's so right.

I wonder if his son's name, Lydon, is after Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon. And Hartley ... there's a porn star turned sex educator Nina Hartley who's kind of amazing.

Hmmm ...

Congrats on twins -- twice as blessed!

What do you think of the names Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace?

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