John Mayer Makes Baby ... Music

John Mayer baby music
Photo from Baby Blanket Music

John Mayer's music is normally baby-making music. Who hasn't gotten it on to Your Body Is a Wonderland?

Confession, I haven't. But I'm sure lots of people have.

The bad boy with the foul mouth has a CD full of music for babies. Cuss words excluded. So does Elton John, Billy Joel, and Simon & Garfunkel.

Ooh "Bridge Over Troubled Water"!


All the artists had their songs transformed into "soothing lullaby arrangements," and each album costs $14.99.

Baby John Mayer includes "Waiting on the World to Change" and "Daughters." I'm not a fan of John's music, but "Daughters" gets me every time. It's one of those guilty pleasure songs I have on my iPod.

Baby Elton John features "Tiny Dancer," "Rocket Man," and "Levon."

Baby Billy Joel has "She's Always a Woman" and "Piano Man."

And Baby Simon & Garfunkel features "Mrs. Robinson and Cecilia," which is a little risque. I wonder if they changed the words there? "Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia" might be okay when your baby is 5 months old, but once they can talk, you should be prepared for that Mommy, what's making love mean? talk after this one.

I want Baby Simon & Garfunkel. I've played my twins their songs, and it'd be cool to see if they like the lullaby versions.

Which one would you buy?

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