Baby Boy Toy: Laugh & Learn Workbench

Fisher-Price; $25
Thanks to the lovely people at Fisher-Price, we just received our baby boy's first rough and tumble toy for little dudes. You see, Judah gets toy hand-me-downs from his older sister, and while we try really hard not to buy gender-specific, somehow tools and cars didn't find their way into our home as readily as dolls and books when we only had the girl.

The Laugh & Learn Workbench could obviously be for a girl or a boy baby, but I find it hilarious, if not a little shocking, that my little guy started pounding the crap out of it before it was even out of the box.


With the rattling hammer and that satisfying drilling noise when he pulls down the drill handle, it's no wonder it kept him occupied until dinner. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn also has a song, alphabet, numbers, and other learning elements, so as he gets more cognizant and stops with the banging (soon, we hope?), Judah can learn to count and say his ABCs with a little mechanical help.

The funny thing is, my daughter didn't even give it a glance. I realize the toy is for ages 3 to 36 months and she's over 4 years old, but my husband pointed out that there was no toy that would keep her attention span for that long when she was a baby. Our son, however, is booked up until at least Memorial Day.

Laugh & Learn Learning Workbench ($25) -- Fisher-Price

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