Homemade Potato Chips for Baby

Flickr photo by lovelypetal
My baby loves potato chips. How do I know? Because he always tries to grab them out of my hands.

When I gave in (I also did it out of curiosity) and let him have one, it was all over. Now I can't eat anything that smells like salt and comes from a bag in front of him for fear of a chip-mugging.


This is good for me, as it keeps me from downing a package of Lay's and teaching him bad food habits. But every now and then, it'd be nice to have a small batch of potato chips that neither myself nor my baby would feel guilty about eating later. You know, because babies can be so guilt-ridden.

The Savory Sweet Life has the easiest homemade potato chip recipe ever. And since they're cooked in the microwave, you're not consuming that deep-fat fryer grease that's so tasty yet so deadly.

It took us a few tries to get these microwaved potato chips just right, but once we did, my baby was happily munching away. (Be sure you follow SSL's advice and don't crowd the chips for a more even cooking.) No, they're not Ruffles. But they're good and will work as a healthier substitute when you're craving the crunch.

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