How Sandra Bullock Kept Adoption a Secret

Sandra Bullock
Flickr photo by Made In Hollywood

Sandra Bullock's adoption of Louis Bardo Bullock three months ago really makes my heart happy, but also makes it heavier. A family has been broken up as a result of Jesse James' infidelity. I knew Sandra was very involved in her stepchildren's life, and sadly they had to see not only their parents split up, but now another break-up, and this time a baby is involved.

Louis was just a few weeks old when he became a part of the then Bullock-James family.


Jesse James has issued some strong statements to People magazine regarding his divorce from Bullock. He has called her the love of his life and says he has a hole in his heart because he can't be there to love and hold Louis. It's clear he's determined to earn back her love, so we'll have to see if he can.

So much has been made public -- text messages from Jesse James' mistress were even leaked. But the fact that Sandra, a woman who we so wanted to become a mom, was a mom wasn't known. How did she keep this a secret?

The adoption process could take years, so Sandra was working on this for some time now, meaning her core unit of family and friends who knew are "fiercely loyal." This makes me happy. She has a great circle of people around her.

Everything Sandra did from the time Louis was a part of her family had to be meticulously planned, complete with decoys and cars with dark tinted windows. I'm still amazed she pulled this off for so long.

When Sandra would normally meet with designers for fittings in her home, she instead would meet them at hotels close to her house. Sandra told People, "My makeup artist couldn’t understand why I was so tired and needed copious amounts of concealer.”

Sandra has really been through a lot the last few months -- even more than originally thought. I have to applaud her for the class she's shown, not that I'd expect anything less from her -- she seems like such a sweetheart.

She has been a great stepmother to Jesse's three children and now she certainly has shown what an incredible mother she is to go to such lengths to protect Louis.

If I could, I'd make Sandra cookie dough brownies for Mother's Day. She deserves nothing but sweetness in her life, don't you think?

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