Co-Sleeping: Things That Go Bump in the Night

Photo by Amy Jo Jones
I didn't co-sleep with my baby until he, um, wasn't really a baby anymore. He often slept through the night until he was 6 months old. (I know, right?) 

When he was 9 months old, we dropped any remaining midnight breastfeeding sessions. As expected, our sleep went downhill quickly after that. So each night when Rowan woke up, I'd swoop in, grab him quickly, and snuggle him in our bed.

If you asked me, I would've told you that I didn't let him cry it out because I didn't want to wake my older son from his much-needed slumber. But the truth was, I just liked having him there sleeping next to me.

Until he fell out of bed.  


My husband is an early riser and when he'd get up, he'd build a pillow barrier on the empty side of the bed, which always worked -- until it didn't. One recent morning, I was awakened to the sound of a BUMP, immediately followed by a screeching cry. I knew Ro wasn't seriously hurt. I could tell he didn't roll straight off the bed, but rather he slid down, feet first. He calmed down immediately and never actually fully woke up. But, wow, I sure did.

As soon as my pediatrician's office opened, I called them. While they were very reassuring and he was absolutely fine, all day long I felt uneasy. I knew it was time to get him comfortable with his crib. For the entire night. Every night. (Gulp.)

It took a couple of weeks, but he's settled into the new routine fairly well. We're all sleeping more soundly and that's great for everyone -- but I admit I sure miss snuggling with him.

Are you co-sleeping? What do you think is the best time to transition baby to their own bed?

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