Baby of the Week: Alexander Lee

baby smiling
Photo by Sam.Marie
Getting to know our readers' babies ....

Who: Alexander Lee was born October 26, eight days late, to mama Sam.Marie. He's now 6 months old.


How long does he sleep at night? Not really sure, he still gets up at least three times at night.

What makes him smile? His big brother, anything Carter does makes Alex smile.

How did you choose his name? It was a tough one. We had a name that we'd picked out for three years before we got pregnant with him, and I just didn't like it, so we went through the process of trying to find a name that works with our last name. It's Knick (Ka-nick). It took us three weeks to pick his name -- we wanted a strong manly name.

Any siblings? Yup, Carter who will be 4 in August.

What's his latest milestone? He's almost crawling!

What's his fussiest time of day? Around bedtime at night.

What will he do for a career? He loves food so maybe a chef!


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