Circumcision & First Birthday Parties: Baby Links I've Bookmarked

Photo from Jennie Canzoneri

How to help friends with a sick baby and the always-touchy subject of circumcision: Just some of my favorite baby links.

  • When friends have a baby in the NICU, how can you help? I love the idea of cleaning their house while they're away.
  • Circumcision is a hot-button issue and this week two credible medical journals released two very different findings on the practice. To circumcise or not is the question over at MSNBC.
  • Even though my own kiddo has already had his first birthday his year (the photo is from his party!), I'm still a sucker for a baby's first party. Like this first birthday party featured on Polka Dot Prints. The hats! The pom-poms! The cupcakes! (Especially the cupcakes.) Yep, I love a good party.

Any great baby links you've bookmarked this week?

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