Is Your Baby a Geek?: Links I Love

Photo by RanaAurora
Oh so many stories and fun things on the web involving babies!

Where to begin? How about here:

  • I know I should be somehow appalled at all these crying babies, but they look so sweet cuddled up next to the rolls of the Sumo wrestlers! The Huffington Post has the rolly-polliest slideshow ever.
  • Motherlode leads with an inspiring story, via CNN, of a woman taking care of her baby using only her feet. While exploring the issue of parents with disabilities, the lead up to the final story of Abbie Dorn is heartbreaking and important.
  • Bethany at MomLogic is teaching us to teach our kids where babies come from. Yes, but how do you teach me not to pass out the next time my daughter yells out that her baby brother has a penis and she has a bagina at Starbucks? Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks too to Dr. Moz for finding these awesome onesies for your baby geek! Not that I'm calling my baby a geek. Or his father. Ahem.
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