Is Your Baby's Daddy a Good Dad?

twins with dad
Photo by Michele Zipp
My husband is a rad dad and our twins adore him. Their eyes light up when they see him. He's so hands-on, has such an interest in learning and educating himself on things parents should know, and he sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star a new way each time so it never gets old.

I feel lucky because you really never know what kind of dad your partner is going to be until it actually happens. And if he's bad at it, it's not like you can say, Okay this isn't working out, you're not the dad anymore.


Well, I guess you can, but that involves a lot of paperwork and probably comes with a very horrible tale, and even then, the man will forever be your child's biological dad.

My husband and I may not always agree on all things parenting, but we've learned how to listen to each other and take the other's concerns into consideration. Just like in marriage, we know the value of compromise, along with the art of talking even when we disagree and not allowing it escalate into a yelling match. (Okay, we still need a little work on this.)

And I only had to tell him once that I didn't like the way he was holding Hunter. (One hand plus a shaky preemie isn't a good idea.)

And to be fair, he only had to tell me once that the hairspray I use on my hair isn't good for the babies. They're constantly nibbling on my hair, so I stopped with the toxic products.

We're in this parenting life together and so far, he's excelled at it. I'd have a dozen more kids with him if he'd let me. Or maybe just one more?

Are you happy with your partner's parenting skills and interest in your baby?

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