Most Hilarious Breastfeeding Video Ever

Bring up the subject of breastfeeding and everyone's got an opinion. Myself included. I'll firmly place my feet (and teets) in the pro-breastfeeding "breast is best" section. This doesn't mean I hate you if you don't nurse. It simply means this is what I choose to do with my kids. Cool? Cool.

Sometimes we all need a little laugh though, right? And so, in the interest of easing a little breastfeeding debate tension, check out this clip from the UK comedy Little Britain. The episode is called "Meet the Parents." But it should be called "I Want My Bitty!"


And, yes, even though this pokes fun at those who choose to breastfeed for a long time, let's be real ... nursing a 30-something-year-old is a lot different than nursing a toddler.

Okay, resume the debates now.

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