Nursing Clothes: Do Breastfeeding Moms Really Need These?

nursing cover
Photo by Michele Zipp
Feeding Penelope in the park
with my nursing cover from Ravi!

When I was pregnant and packing my hospital bag, I had two nursing tank tops in there because a lot of people told me they were a must. Turns out I spent most of my time in a hospital gown and hooked up to various monitors because I had severe preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome.

Modesty wasn't on my mind or any of the other women in the hospital for that matter. When it was time for my twins to eat, the boobs came out.

Since I was so sick, I was at the hospital for a week and had two different roommates. I saw lots of boob when they fed their babies. And there were at least a half a dozen boobs in the breastfeeding class I took. I even had two different lactation consultants "handle" my boobs. (They asked first.)

I don't remember seeing any nursing tank tops on anyone.


I still have those nursing tanks, but they're ill-fitting and I wouldn't wear them out in public. They're in the pajama drawer with all the other "not suitable for public viewing" clothes.

I know now that the nursing bra is a must -- even though I didn't know that when I was in my second trimester. (Oh how naive I once was!) So I have plenty of those along with a nursing cover that my friend Ravi made for me. Love it! But I also wear clothes that make my breasts easy to access. I suppose I could buy specific nursing clothes, but when most of my current clothes work just fine, I don't think it's necessary.

Plus, I feel like if I bought some nursing clothes, they'll eventually go the way of those maternity clothes I thought I'd wear even after I had the babies. I thought my pregnancy was beautiful, yes, but wow ... I look at some of those clothes and think U-G-L-Y.

Do you wear nursing clothes? If so, what brands do you like?


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