A Pull Toy That's Just Ducky!

Maukilo.com; $26.99
We received a HABA Ducky Duck Pulling Animal toy from Maukilo.com right about the time that my son Rowan was transitioning from cruising around the furniture to toddling around the house.

The HABA Ducky Duck is designed for ages 1 and up, and it reminded me of the classic pull toys from when I was a kid, but this one is better.

When you pull the string, it's a toss-up between who waddles better -- the duck or your baby!


Made from beechwood, this toy is decorated beautifully with brightly colored, child-safe paints and is made in Germany. This can be a fun incentive to interest your baby who's still crawling or cruising. It's even more fun for walkers. My toddler loves this toy. You can just see the look of accomplishment on his face as he walks into a room with his trusty ducky following close behind.

The best part? No batteries! And it has no flashing lights or beeping sounds. It's a classic toy that looks and feels like it's meant to last. It's really cool to watch Rowan playing with a toy that may be passed on to one of his children someday. (Of course, that day will be a long time from now. When he's at least 30 years old and finished with grad school.)

Does your little one have a favorite toy?

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