Pacifiers and Porn Stars: Best Reader Comments in Baby

Photo by darkroomhero
This week in Baby we heard your opinions on everything from losing friends post-baby to feeling trapped as a stay-at-home mom. One thing everyone agreed on: Moms should still be allowed to have fun.


In the Kendra Wilkinson/Jenna Jameson smack down, most of you are siding with Kendra. Meganpmom summed up the group-think:

"I'm with Kendra.....I think a little booty shakin is fine.  She doesn't seem like she's out clubbing every night like Britney."

Sona talked about her baby's pacificier usage and asked you all to weigh in as well. Amazonora had a great, argument-proof response:

"My 7 month old's bedtime routine ends with the pacifier being popped in his mouth. It is his trigger, he sucks for about 30 seconds, then it falls out when he's asleep. Since he's gotten more control of his hands, he puts it back in on his own when he occasionally wakes in the middle of the night and he finds it, but I'd bet he's sucking for maybe 5 minutes a day, it's not something I'm anxious to get rid of. He is still breastfeeding and has had no problems. He doesn't like the plug when he's awake and alert, but when he's sleepy, it gets him over the edge to sleep, why should I mess with that?"

I shared a slide show of super-foods for babies and RanaAurora told us what ones she loved, and ehhh, not so much:

"Butternut squash was one of my daughter's first foods (real, cooked at home pieces, not jarred crap with additives). We use real maple syrup too since every other damn syrup has HFCS. Ricotta cheese is super-versatile. Hummus... would you believe I STILL can't convince myself to even TRY it?"

The comment that made me smile the widest (and think of my own single friends that I miss) came when Michele lamented the loss of friend-time after having her babies, and one of her buddies responded:

"Aw...I won't have a baby for you, but we can totally take a Saturday stroll whenever you want. :)"

The SAHM's new mom secret about sometimes hating being at home all the time with the baby, brought a lot of sympathy and more than one of you told her to take a good hard look at her husband. Episcojew summed it up:

"It sounds to me like your problem isn't that you hate being a stay at home mom, but that you are having to deal with a husband who is selfish and doesn't want to allow you to have any time away from your baby because he is afraid to be alone with her"

Michele showed us all how to rock the Organic Earth baby carrier, and it brought back some memories, and inspired compliments from Peajewel:

"Awwww you have made me long for the days when I would wear Keara. I would strap her on when I was cleaning the house or making dinner or pretty much anything. She loved it. 

You look fantastic by the way."

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