Delivering Breech and Euro Baby Baths: Baby Links I Love

Fill your morning cup with these fab websites (along with The Stir, natch) and you'll have plenty of fodder for your moms' group. Here are the baby links I'm loving:

  • Was your baby born by breech extraction? Want to know what that is? Mommy Lite celebrates her twins' birthday by recounting the 35 minutes it took to get her son to follow her daughter out of her uterus. Hilarious and disturbing.
  • Mama Knows Breast pointed us in the direction of this Ohio billboard promoting breastfeeding that has some people up in arms. What do you think about breastfeeding billboards? MSNBC wants to know, and Mama Knows Breast will tell you where you can vote.
  • Mamaista directs our attention away from celebrity and tech gossip and directly to what she calls the "iPad of Baby Baths." Overreaching? Maybe. Super-duper cute and much better than my old worn out blue hunk of plastic? Definitely.
  • To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed talks to a mom who's about to give birth to her second baby on Divine Caroline. Her cathartic tale of breastfeeding her first baby, and brave admission that she really hated it, hit so close to home. New mom guilt ... there's nothing like it.
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