Baby Mama of the Week: Susan Lee of Mommas in the House

Photo from Susan Lee
I just met Susan Lee of Mommas in the House last week and I instantly knew this Ergo-wearing mama was a perfect candidate for the weekly honor.

Susan effortlessly comforted her 9-month-old gal while her pre-schooler caroused around the event we were both attending with gleeful confidence. The three ladies all looked so put together and had such ease, so I was instantly impressed.

When I asked Lee for some advice as a newly arrived Los Angeleno, she was ready with suggestions, sympathy (as a Chicago transplant herself), and a smile. I knew I had to check out Mommas in the House and found it to be similarly filled with fantastic parenting and community information presented in a positive manner.

Here's how Lee answered my five questions:

Name one thing about you that would surprise your readers.

Hmm ... I used to be able contort my body. Not anymore. After two kids, knee surgery, broken toes, and multiple injuries -- I'm just lucky to be walking normally.

What's your proudest parenting moment?

After a long day of doing everything imaginable, going to my children and watching over them as they sleep peacefully. I get fulfilled with the little things in life and going through one day seems like such an accomplishment.

To see my most precious gems sleep makes me the most proud mama, and I find peace in that.

What's your secret coping mechanism?

It's no secret. Whole Foods. I love the smell of walking into Whole Foods and having my creative culinary mind working. It does miracles for me. Of course, I have family and friends to help me through anything, but there's nothing like walkin g through Whole Foods and channeling all my stressful energy into that evening's dinner.

When your baby is old enough to Google, which blog post are you most afraid of her reading?

I haven't written anything that I'd be afraid of my baby reading. However, I do feel she'd be a little weirded out that her mother blogged about nipple creams, yeast infections, and gas.

What's the best piece of parenting advice you can give?

If you want respect from your children, give them respect. As parents we're our children's biggest role models, and they mimic everything we do! When my daughter plays house, she mimics everything that I say. Sometimes it's very embarrassing.

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