Let Baby Nibble on Veggie Rattles

veggie rattles
Vegetable Rattles; What Every Baby Needs
I'm a little obsessed with rattles right now. My twins are at a point where they like to have things in their hands, and I'm the snap-happy mom who loves to take photos of them with cute things in their hands.

These Knit Vegetable Rattles ($44.99 for a set of 5) from What Every Baby Needs sure would look great in our next photo shoot.


These are what I'd call teaching toys. I'd say to my babies, "This is a carrot. A carrot is orange. Bunny rabbits love carrots. And carrots are good for your eyes." And I'd probably say this in my best bunny rabbit voice ... if all bunny rabbits sound like Bugs Bunny.

And then one of my babies would shake the rattle and put it in his mouth, and click click click, I'd get my shot.

Besides the two carrots, there's corn, a radish, and cauliflower. I'm going to need a schtick for those.

And maybe, just maybe, introducing these vegetable toys will help baby grow up to love their veggies. Sushi lovers note: They also have Knit Sushi Rattles for $32.99.

What is your baby's favorite toy right now?

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