Car Seat Safety Tips You Might Have Missed

Road Trip!
As we learn how to live in the land of the auto, I've been obsessing a lot more about the proper installation of my baby's car seat. I love my husband, but the man isn't a professional, as demonstrated when the baby's car seat wasn't in the same place upon arrival as it was when we left the house.

I called in a pro, and here's what he taught me about car seat safety as he tightened up our baby's seat.


Leather seats = slippage

Luckily our guy came with materials to place under the baby car seat to add an extra layer of security. Personally, I never would've thought of bringing in reinforcements.

Car seats have an expiration date

I did know this, but damned if I knew when mine was made (I got it from a neighbor) and when it was set to expire. He explained it was six years old, and most car seats need to be ditched at eight years. Unlucky for us, our seat belt securers were already getting worn out. He fixed it though, like a champ.

Beware of unbuckling the belt

If you put your baby in the middle seat, as advised, chances are there will be a passenger sharing a buckle near him. Our passenger will usually be my mother, who happens to have serious vision issues. Our car seat professional put electrical tape over the bright red button on our baby's car seat belt, so the two wouldn't be easily confused. Simple and genius!

Do you have any other lesser-known car seat safety tips?

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