5 Earth Day Activities With Baby

Photo by JSDVP
While your baby may be too small to plant a tree on Earth Day, there are plenty of other activities your smallest ones can do to celebrate our planet. Check your local Earth Day listings, or pick and choose from my five baby-friendly Earth Day activities below.

Hooray for Earth!


Eco-friendly finger painting

My baby loves to shove his hands into, well, anything, but is especially fascinated by finger paints. Inhabitots suggests we go green with Livos vegan and chemical-free finger paints, or make our own -- recipe included.

Visit a botanical garden

Checking out nature has the added benefit of mesmerizing your baby. My son looks up at tree leaves blowing in the breeze with such wonder, I feel like he's discovered the key to the universe. Perhaps he has.

Blow your own bubbles

Babies love to watch bubbles floating through the air. Instead of buying a new plastic bottle today, make your own using this recipe on BabyCenter.

Attend or make your own sing-a-long

Entertain your baby with a rousing version of This Land Is Your Land or focus on the animals on our planet and belt out Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Don't worry, your baby doesn't know if you can sing on key or not.

Star gaze

Finally, before bedtime, take your baby outdoors to enjoy a good look at the stars and the night sky. It'll give a whole new meaning to Goodnight, Moon.

What will you do with your kids on Earth Day?

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