Blueberry Muffin Recipe for Baby

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If your baby is like mine, he loves the carbs. Can't get enough of 'em, in fact. The fruits and veggies? Eh, not so much.

It's high time I started tricking the little bugger, and this perfect recipe for blueberry muffins for babies is what's on the menu this weekend.


Easy to make and even easier to eat like five of them while your baby is playing with his first, Simply Baby Food Recipes gives you a great option to get antioxidants into your kiddos at an early age without the choking hazard. Even better, it makes a huge batch so you can freeze for a later date when you need your blueberry muff fix.

This recipe also adds cream cheese to their mix so your babe can get some dairy while enjoying a moist muffin. This pleases the dairy lover in me. It pleases me very much.

Find more great baby and toddler recipes at Simply Baby Food Recipes.


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