New Etsy Favorite: Little Blue Wren

Little Blue Wren; $35
Pricey baby clothes are hard to stomach, I know, and no matter how much I like looking at expensive clothes for my son, I rarely bite the bullet and buy them.

We're lucky to be on the receiving end of lots of hand-me-downs, and we shop consignment stores or eBay whenever we can, but every now and then, I splurge on a gift for Kyle (my kid) or a gift for a friend. 

If you splurge occasionally, the Etsy shop Little Blue Wren is for you!



What caught my eye first was this elephant T-shirt. Elephants were on my son's nursery bedding, so I have a soft spot for them.

Little Blue Wren; $35

I also love this owl tee and, if you have a little girl you love to shop for, here's a sweet  adybug tee.

We can't usually splurge, but I love cute shops like Little Blue Wren when we can.

Do you have a favorite Etsy store for baby clothes?

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