Baby of the Week: Corben Andre

Photo by ToddlerBrain82
Getting to know our readers' babies ....

Who: Corben Andre. He was born on March 8. He's Nathalie's second baby, and he was born peacefully at home after a previous c-section.


How long does he sleep at night? I actually don't even know. I think he sleeps about four hours at a time. We co-sleep so I don't fully wake up when he wakes to nurse! He's a really good sleeper so I nurse him during the night and he goes right back to sleep. Then he usually sleeps later than I do in the morning!

What makes him smile? He smiles a lot at his Nanou (my mom). He almost always smiles when we kiss him on his neck and cheeks. He's just starting to do a lot of smiles during the last week though, so this is still really new. This morning, he looked at his big brother Sebastian and gave him a huge smile.

How did you choose his name? I actually picked it out of a baby name book. I had no idea what to name him when I first got pregnant, so I was literally going through a book writing down a list that appealed to me. When I first saw Corben, I was initially drawn to it, but it still took a couple of months before I felt like that was the right name. The meaning of it is "raven-haired" and we're a dark-haired family, so I thought that would be fitting. His middle name, Andre, is after my great-grandfather. He was a resistance leader in World War 2 and we wanted to honor him.

Any siblings? Yes, Sebastian Michael, who will be 4 in June.

What's his latest milestone? Corben has been smiling more and more each day and is getting a lot of neck and upper-body strength. He holds himself up really well when I carry him around the house.   

What's his fussiest time of day? He gets fussy in the evenings around dinnertime and for an hour or so afterward. Also, if he's ready for bed at night but I'm not, he'll get upset and fuss until I take him to bed.

What will he do for a career? He really studies people and the world around him very, very intently. I could see him being a teacher or doctor, someone who works with people.


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