Superfoods for Babies

Flickr photo by JemaSmith
I have this notion that this generation of babies will be so much more food aware than mine (Cookie Crisps, anyone?) that we'll see a dramatic decline in heart disease, diabetes, and obesity when they hit middle age. Hopefully I'll still be around to see it, point back to this article, and say, "A-ha!"

In the meantime, AOL Health has a lovely slideshow, Surprising Superfoods, filled with choices I hadn't thought of before. Some of which are perfect first foods for baby.


I love it when I stumble upon an article that changes the way I eat and feed my family!

Surprising Superfood options are also incredibly delicious, guaranteeing a lifestyle change vs. a crash diet that inevitably fails.

Baby picks:

I've already started our boy on hummus, but I didn't realize putting a little bit of 100% pure maple syrup on his whole wheat waffle would give him so many vitamins and minerals.

He hasn't had peanut butter yet, but now I want to test almond butter first, since it's free of any trans fats and low in saturated fat. Maybe we'll all make the switch!

Which superfood on this list surprised you the most?


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