Daycares, Baby Names & More: Baby Links I'm Clicking

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri

Do daycares send your kids home too hastily? And are you the favorite parent? Great baby links from this week!

  • I read on Parent Dish today that many daycares are too quick to send kids home at the first sign of illness (even when those same children turn out to be just fine for group care). Now, some may say better safe than sorry, but most daycares require you to pay for the week, even if your kid isn't there. This news can be pretty frustrating for working parents with limited sick and personal time (and a limited bank account balance -- like me!).
  • I'm excited to try out the organic treats YummyEarth featured on People's Celebrity Baby Blog recently. Getting my kid to eat anything these days is a challenge, so I'm always looking for new snacks that are tasty and healthy (tough!). He'll still probably toss them on the floor, but you can't blame a mom for trying.
  • Name Berry announced the top 100 "hottest and hippest" baby names of 2010 (so far). My son's name is #40 (Kyle; pictured above!), but in the top 10 boy names, you can find: Finn Asher and Jude. For girls: Charlotte, Alice, and Seraphina (thanks to Jennifer Garner!). Is your baby's name on the list? 
  • The New York Times parenting blog Motherlode posted about an interesting topic: Favorite parents. From birth -- with only brief phases here and there -- my son has favored his dad. I like to joke that his dad didn't have vaginal tearing in order to welcome him to the world, but it doesn't really surprise me. My husband is laid-back, funny, silly, cool. He's my favorite parent too. Does your child have a favorite parent?

Are there any baby links you just have to share?

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