Moms Smoke Up and Michelle Obama Breastfeeds: Baby Links I Love

Flickr photo by Raphael Goetter
My favorite reads around the world wide web in baby today involve good hair days and the First Lady. Here are the links I'm loving.

  • In honor of 4/20, this marijuana mamas article highlights one mom who used weed to fight postpartum depression and anxiety. Anxiety, I can see. Depression? Seems like it might be the wrong medication. But if it made her feel better and got her out from under the cloud of PPD, more power to the MJ. -- Mom Logic
  • Mommy the Queen takes on the myth that because we're moms, we can't fix our hair. She illustrates the point when she cut her hair after her baby was born and instantly felt more in control of her new life. I used to live in the same building as MtQ and can testify -- she never left her apartment without looking incredibly fine. I even ran into her three days after her baby was born and she looked like she'd just stepped out of the salon. Inspiring and envy-inducing. -- Mommy the Queen
  • Dooce went to Washington for a working families conference, and the factoid that I couldn't get over was that Michelle Obama went to a job interview with her baby. She got the job. Oh, and Sasha was breastfed. -- Dooce
  • Since my baby spent a lot of time with my husband last week, he's starting to look to dad as much as mom for comfort after his hourly toddler falls. (I know this is good. I know this is good.) It made me feel better to know I'm not alone in feeling a twinge when my favored parent status is in danger. -- Motherlode
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