Organic Baby Carrier: Love It!

Photo by Michele Zipp
Belle sent me their Organic Earth Carrier and I strapped Penelope in for a walk around Brooklyn.

And don't think I'm playing favorites by choosing Penelope instead of her twin brother, Hunter. I took him out for a walk just the other day. He was so cute, he just wanted to look up at the blue sky and feel the breeze in the little bit of hair he has on his cute little head.

My babies love when I wear them. For this walk, little Pippi fell asleep almost immediately.


My husband and I have even put the carrier on when we're in the house because it soothes them. It's also helpful when I'm alone with both babies -- I can strap a baby on but have my hands free for the other.

I also have the Baby Hawk Mei Tai and find it super-comfortable. My husband loves his Baby Bjorn so much, he won't let me wear it because the straps are positioned perfectly for him and he doesn't want me adjusting anything.

Belle's carriers start at $99.95 and the "Pure" line is made with 100% rich Romanian hemp and cozy organic cotton fleece. All are made in the USA -- Boulder and Denver, Colorado, to be exact -- and feature fabrics that are undyed and all-natural. Machine-washable -- of course. Plus, this carrier also straps around the waist so it's easier on your back.

Are you a baby-wearer too? What's your favorite carrier?


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