Finding Time for Friends After Baby

two women friends
Flickr photo by Morning theft
When I was pregnant, I was worried about keeping my friendships with my mostly baby-free set of close friends.

I worried about a lot of things when I was pregnant, yes, but this worry was warranted.

Babies are here and it hasn't been easy.


In the past four and a half months, I've gone out three times with my friends, sans babies.

Three times! Drastic reduction!

And I'm so thankful that those ladies went out of their way for me. Because, now, everything comes with a whole new set of rules and limitations.

I can't go out for very long right after work because I have breast milk to preserve and bring home.

And on the days I'm not in the office, I can't go too far from my house because I need to nurse the twins every three hours. And I prefer to nurse them and not pump, so yes, this is a choice I make.

It's not easy for me to fit into my friends' lifestyles, either. Some of them are notoriously late and prefer having dinner at 9 p.m. -- that's about the same time I'm getting ready for bed.

I can't fault them -- I was once the same way. And I don't miss the way I was, but I do miss my friends.

I just wish some of them thought that a stroll at noon in the park with my twins sounded like a great way to spend a Saturday. And I also secretly (not so secretly) wish some of them would have a baby.

How have your friendships changed now that you're a mom?

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