10 Steps to Prevent SIDS

Flickr photo by tofslie
We talk a lot about SIDS on The Stir, and with good reason. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the scariest things a new parent can imagine, mostly because we're still learning about the causes of SIDS and our lack of understanding of the syndrome makes us feel like it can happen to anyone at any time.


However, we're also always learning about a lot of great ways to prevent the unthinkable. I found a fantastic list on Mommas in the House of 10 ways you can protect your baby from SIDS. Read, learn, and try to relax.

The one that always makes me shake my head is the instruction to remove any crib bumpers from your baby's bed. So why are crib bumpers sold in stores? I have two crib bumpers in my house because I bought bedding sets and they come with. I'm sure that's how many other parents acquire the adorable but potentially deadly nursery accoutrement. It seems these safety warnings need to find their way back to baby bedding manufacturers ... like yesterday.

Do you follow all of these safety rules to protect your baby from SIDS?


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