5 Tips on Sharing Birthday Party Expenses

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Photo by PunkyLu78
Whether you're going all out for your baby's first birthday (petting zoo rental, anyone?) or you're keeping it simple, even the food and drinks can add up pretty quickly. Wouldn't it be nice to share the financial burden?


This is why mothers' groups were invented, so you can hook up with another team of parents and split those party costs right down the middle. (That, and the sweet camaraderie you get while in the company of other new parents in the trenches.)

So find a baby that shares your baby's birthday month and start planning. As someone who has gone this route a few times, here are five guidelines before you start sending out the Evite.

  • Make sure you're on the same page. No one wants to get in the middle of the party plan and realize they're on the hook for half of the Def Leppard cover band.
  • Split everything down the middle. Unless you've done this before and already know what the exact costs are, split every grocery, cake, decoration, and entertainment bill down the middle. That way, no one is left wondering if they contributed more to the big day.
  • Decide on how many invites each family gets before you send the "save-the-date." Again, no one wants to feel like they're feeding strangers while their two friends sit quietly with a handful of Goldfish crackers.
  • Love (or at the very least like) the other family you're working with. After all, this is your baby's big day and you don't want to feel like you'd rather not have that other guest of honor present.
  • Be in agreement about gifts. Even if you don't want to say it on the invite (and sometimes that's a little tacky), let your guests know how to handle the two-for-one party. It's usually best to explain via phone or email if they don't need to get two gifts -- or any gifts at all if you're going in that direction.

Have you ever shared a birthday party with another family? Any more tips?

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