Strollers, Vaccines & Pamela Anderson: Best Comments in Baby

It's been a chatty week in Baby on The Stir. We've discussed the virtues and downfall of the bottle, baby name remorse, and as always, lots of talk about vaccines.

Here are some of the picks from your comments.


When Michele found a British stroller for twins, you all chimed in with your own British'isms.

madfoot opines,"That is freakin' precious!!! Makes me want to have twins! p.s. the british also say "cot" for crib. "Poor Nigel has sicked up in his cot." Doesn't that sound so much better??"

Sona talked about her anxiety in vaccinating her two-month-old and asked what you all do. StephanieSD gave us an International answer:

"We'll be vaccinating. We're moving to India when the baby is 3 months old. It's required by my husband's employer if the baby and I want to go with him (which we do!). Plus I want the baby to be protected while in India and not bring anything back to the States."

Michele taught us all that Pamela Anderson is not all flash and no substance, and she's a great mom!

cafemama shared my sentiment, "Never would have suspected Pamela was into AP. Shame on me for judging her based on her appearance!"

Sona's Baby Boot Camp discussed introducing the bottle to baby Kavi so her husband could bond. StephanieSD (again!) had a great perspective:

"We've looked at the pros and cons, and we'd like to try the bottle as early as possible. My husband wants as active a role as possible, and he's fortunate enough to have some paternity leave. But once it's over he works 12-hour days and often travels for several days at a time. Any time he can have with the baby will be precious."

Michele asked if any of you had baby name remorse. Abby did! Specifically, with her baby's middle name.

"I have middle name regret! Our son is Alexander Arthur, Alexander after his grandfather and Arthur after his daddy and my grandfather. But days after he was born, I realized he could've been Alexander Matteo - we have Matthews all over our family trees, and my mother's maiden name is DiMatteo. Isn't it so much better, Alexander Matteo? I've gotten over it, but I still wish I'd thought of that BEFORE."

I wondered what questions I should ask a new pediatrician, and JeanneSager gave me a good one I never would have thought of:

"Whether the doc does the shots or the nurse. Nothing against nurses, but I appreciated that my daughter's first pediatrician (he retired, we didn't leave) did them himself -- he spent a lot more time in the room that way and seemed more hands on about her care."

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