Pain at My C-Section Scar

Flickr photo by Orin Zebest
I hate that I had to have an emergency c-section, but I love that I'm alive and my twins are little smiley reminders of the magic of modern medicine.

If only the pain I've been having along my c-section incision didn't remind me that my body was sliced open. 


The initial cut was on my left side and that's exactly where the pain is. It ranges from dull to sharp and is felt most when I stand up after sitting for a bit. It's sort of like a pulling pain or a stabby ache. Not fun. Especially since it reminds me that a knife once plunged into me. Heebie jeebes!

If I sit down and crawl in a ball, it goes away. And this is exactly what I feel like doing when it's at its worst.

And it hurts most when I'm gassy.

So I asked my doctor about it.

"How have your bowel movements been?" he asked me.

"Something moved out BIG time earlier in the week, but no activity since," I essentially told him in a much more demure way.

It's funny, or maybe not so funny, but during my pregnancy, my times with the porcelain throne were aplenty, which is opposite for a lot women. I was most regular when the twins lived in me, but now I'm back to my backed-up ways.

Apparently the bloating, gas, and constipation can aggravate my c-section scar area causing me extra pain.

I need to buy some fiber pills.

Do you have pain at your c-section incision?


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