Baby's First Book: Maisy Mini Board Books

Maisy board books
Photo from Amazon
Reading with my kids
is one of my all-time favorite activities. Whether you try to teach your baby to read, or you just want them to gnaw on a board book quietly, it's fun to get your tiny ones interested in books early.


My son has just discovered these Maisy mini board books that belonged to his sister, and he cannot put them down. I'm guessing it's the combination of bright colors and big shapes that catch his eye; and his little chubby hands are a perfect fit for the miniaturized tomes.

I love the animal book as my boy actually lingers for a moment over the pages, and seems to pay attention when I show him the horse and bee illustrations. It's funny how babies automatically love animals, isn't it?

This is also a perfect sized toy to put in his crib so he has something to play with when he wakes up; ideally letting mom and dad catch another half hour of sleep.

Maisy Mini Board Books ( $9.99) -- Amazon


What was your baby's first favorite book?

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