My Baby Has Gas

Gassy Baby
Photo by kelli0585

So in the first few days of Kavya's life, she would cry for three reasons. She was hungry. Her diaper was dirty. Or she was sleepy.

But when she was about two weeks old, we ran into a night when we tried appeasing her using our usual methods. But none of them worked.

In a bit of a panic, we called my mom/pediatrician to ask what could possibly be ailing our little one. Dr. Nani-ma suggested that Kavya might be experiencing her first -- but certainly not her last -- bout of gas.


In the weeks since then, we've come to understand that such tummy trouble is the fourth source of Kavi's tears. So what's a new mom to do? Well, I've learned of this amazing sticky-sweet solution. It's called gripe water! They used to use it back in the day. In fact, my mother-in-law used it on my husband when he was a baby. And he still happily drinks it now if left to his own devices.

But mainly, we use it for Kavi. It's a tasty blend of fennel and ginger that helps ease the gas pains and make her a happy baby.

You can make your own, but my pediatrician recommended Baby's Bliss as one natural gripe water option. For a new mom, it's nothing short of a miracle.

What do you use to help your baby with tummy trouble?

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