Best Twin Stroller Ever?

twin stoller
You 2 Twin Pushchair; Kiddicare
Sometimes it's hard to tell if a baby is a boy or girl, which is why I bought my daughter a pretty headband.

But if you have boy/girl twins, or two that fit into a stroller, this may be a must-have.


My friend Asumta told me about it -- she has boy/girl twins twins, too. But she bought it in England and I can't find it for sale in the US. It's made by Kiddicare and it's called the Costtaco You 2 Twin Pushchair Bro and Sis.

Pushchair ... sounds so fancy especially if I say it with a British accent.

No more mistaking who is a handsome little man and who is my pretty little lady.

Maybe my friend in London will buy me one.

Do you have a twin stroller? What do you think of this one?

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